Heartwarming: Continuum

For the TV series:

  • Kiera being reunited with her partner, Elena, after some months for Kiera and 37 years for Elena.
  • The cosplayer wedding.
  • The psych program agreeing to leave Kiera's memories intact, deciding that she had successfully begun readjusting to her new circumstances.
  • Future!Alec reconciling with Emily.
  • Kiera beginning to see the shades of grey inherent to the notion that "protecting the system" is not the be-all and end-all of a police officer's existence, motivated by Carlos's prodding and the faculty adviser's heartfelt plea for understanding.
  • Also, when Kiera secretly clasps hands with her police squadmates just after having been saddled with a huge debt for failing to save a corporate muckity-muck.
  • Kiera's relationship with Brad, based on the mutual experience of being out of their time and having trouble adapting. Even when he learns that he killed the other her and shares that, she doesn't seem to hold it against him.
  • The once-imprisoned Alec Sadler is reunited with Emily. He even seems to come to terms with Kiera before he leaves.
  • In the following episode, Kiera more or less has to literally watch her future die, then Alec hugs her to comfort her.