You don't need [[Franchise/{{Superman}} heat vision]] to get plenty of [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming warm fuzzies]] out of these scenes.

Works with their own pages:

* Heartwarming/DCComics
* Heartwarming/MarvelComics
* Heartwarming/DarkHorseComics
* Heartwarming/ImageComics
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* Heartwarming/DeathJr
* Heartwarming/{{Diabolik}}
* Heartwarming/DisneyDucksComicUniverse
** Heartwarming/TheLifeAndTimesOfScroogeMcDuck
* Heartwarming/FromHell
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* Heartwarming/IKillGiants
* HeartWarming/{{Irredeemable}}
* Heartwarming/JudgeDredd
* Heartwarming/KnightsOfTheDinnerTable
* Heartwarming/LostAtSea
* Heartwarming/MyLittlePonyGeneration4
** Heartwarming/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDW
** Heartwarming/MyLittlePonyMicroSeries
* Heartwarming/PaperinikNewAdventures
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** Heartwarming/SonicTheHedgehogMegaManWorldsCollide
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* Heartwarming/{{Tintin}}
* Heartwarming/{{Transformers}}
* Heartwarming/VForVendetta



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* [[Heartwarming/XWingSeries Has its own page.]]

* Star Wars Knights of the Old Repubic, #24; Zayne shares a passionate hug with his former girlfriend; the same girlfriend who tried to murder him, who treated him with unabashed hostility, finally believes in him, meaning that Zayne has exonerated himself to one of the most important people to him; The preceding scene where she breaks down sobbing while simply saying "You didn't do it." also counts.
* A recent issue of ''Franchise/StarWars Adventures'' goes into detail on Luke's training on Dagobah. In the [[Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack film]] Yoda doesn't seem to recognise R2-D2 at all - ''turns out [[Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse he did]].'' This little gem comes while Luke is off fighting dragonsnakes:
--> '''Artoo:''' (worried for Luke) Bedoop?
--> '''Yoda:''' Worry not, my old friend. Prevail, he will. Destined for greatness. Feel it, I can.
--> '''Artoo:''' (rolls over to Yoda): Beep.
--> '''Yoda:''' Seen much have we, Artoo. Been part of much. Your part will continue. ''His'' part is just beginning. But my part, soon, will come to an end.
* In a one-shot issue of ''Franchise/StarWars'' simply called ''Jango Fett'', Jango tells his droid caretaker how he hates leaving Boba for long periods of time. He wishes that he could just sit down and be a father for a while, but his last job ended without him getting paid and he needs to make up for lost credits. Then he goes over to his five-year-old son, who is playing with action figures (and, in a CMOH all of its own, one of them is a model of Jango Fett himself), and tells him that he has to go again. The dejected Boba asks if he has to leave right then, and Jango smiles and says "No. Not right now," as the next page shows him playing with his son.
* In a ''Franchise/StarWars: Empire'' comic arc detailing the backstory of Biggs Darklighter, Biggs and some friends jump ship after being discovered by a fellow Imperial Officer and brown noser Derek "Hobbie" Klivian plotting to mutiny. After trying unsuccessfully to find rebels, smugglers, or ''anyone'' that could help them (they are confined in TIE Fighters, unable to travel very far, and air is running out), they return to the ship, planning to steal more fuel and air and leave again before the crew knows what's going on. However, they find it full of signs of battle damage, far more than they had caused when they left. On the bridge, a badly injured but stable Klivian greets them and tells them that if they'd let him get out a word before trying to slit his throat, they would have learned that they weren't the only cell with Rebel sympathies on the ship. He then asks if Biggs is going to pull rank and assume command. Biggs, who had hated Hobbie since first meeting him, says that it seemed to him that Hobbie had earned command of the ship, and salutes him. This marks the beginning of a deep friendship between the two.
* In Jango Fett: Open Seasons, Jango has to watch his mentor and surrogate father gunned down because Montross, a volatile and cruel Mandalorian, flies away instead of helping him. When Jango appears in front of Montross (who thought he was dead), he says that first they're going to get Jaster's body off that rock, then they're going to hunt the man who killed him. Montross, trying to appear sympathetic, tells Jango that he has a chance to do right by Jaster, and that he should be in charge. Jango tells him that that's not his call to make, and reveals to the mercenaries that Montross abandoned Jaster to die alone. At that moment, Silas, an injured Mandalorian that Jango had been supporting, pulls his blaster on Montross and says, "I'll follow Jango Fett, and no one else." It's such an "I've got your back" moment of camaraderie that it has to invoke a CMOH.
** And immediately afterwards, Montross tells Jango that he's crazy and the others will never follow him. The next panel, Montross is surrounded by Mandalorians all pointing their guns at him. Same as above for why this is a CMOH.
* A handful of ''Franchise/StarWars'' stories endeavored to show the men behind the masks in the Imperial ranks. In many cases, the stormtroopers and junior officers were good or at least decent men, [[PunchClockVillain just trying to do what they thought was right or make a life for themselves]]. One story in particular has a small contingent of soldiers in a small outpost under siege from hundreds of tribal natives, a la ''{{Zulu}}''. When it comes down to the [[LastStand final battle]], the men display a depth of camaraderie and brotherhood as they fight for their lives that is truly heartwarming, despite the grim setting.

* ''ComicBook/GoldDigger'' manages one with a ContinuityNod in GD #103. Faced with Penny's discovery of Madrid, which she'd concealed at Madrid's request over the last two years of the time skip, only for Madrid to finally request to see Gina in order to finally see her "family" which her shared memories with Gina make as close as if they were her own, in her memories. Gina, however, doesn't believe it, until Madrid demonstrates in the face of her flat refusal (and demonstration of how dangerous Madrid still is given she shares Gina's knowledge and intelligence as well) that she'd cracked light-gate technology, allowing her to have simply slid into Gina's life and replaced her (and shunted Gina into the sun) effortlessly if she'd wanted to, as she exits to a self-imposed exile out of Gina's way in the Astral Rifts, thus proving that she'd been telling the truth about her good intentions the entire time. Later on, with only Madrid and Subtracto alone in the Rifts, Madrid receives a surprise guest in the form of Gina, who knew exactly where she went, and had set up a barbecue of her family and friends just a ways away from Madrid's campsite....which she was welcome to join whenever she was ready. Given the scene had seemed set to place Madrid out in the Astral Rifts to become her capable and massively powerful future self that'd saved Brittany a few issues earlier as part of a StableTimeLoop, Madrid's teary-eyed hug of her new "sister" was all the more satisfying for the subversion of expectations from this long time reader.
* In ''SmallFavors'' #7, Annie and Nibbil hug outside Annie's house. Little hearts appear around them, and Annie picks one out of the air and hands it to Nibbil, telling her it's for her. It is the ''cutest'', ''sweetest'' thing ever. [[ Go look.]]
* In the FurryComic ''Circles'' #6, Paulie fears his husband's son, who had been born out of wedlock without his father's knowledge when he came out of the closet and broke up his engagement, would hate him. That same otter boy had moved into the boarding house and Paulie could barely speak with him for hear of facing his hate. However, when the boy finally initiates some conversation, Paulie finds that not only do they have a mutual liking for Music/TheBeatles, but also that the boy and his mother never hated him. In fact, they liked him for inadvertently preventing a loveless marriage and the boy makes it clear that he considers Paulie a beloved uncle.
* The ending to at least 4 of Doug Tennapel's graphic novels.
** The best example may be "Tommysaurus Rex". [[spoiler: Ely's pet dinosaur has been mortally wounded while saving the local bully from a fire. As it lies dying, the scariest events of its life flash before its eyes. Then, it hears Ely's voice talking soothingly and lovingly to it. It imagines that Ely is standing there with it during these scary moments and is making everything all better. It dies feeling loved and happy. What happens afterward between Ely, the Bully, and the Bully's dog could also qualify as a Crowning Moment.]]
* ''ComicBook/{{Zot}}'', issue no. #33. Throughout the issue, Jenny's friend Terry has been struggling to come to terms with her sexuality and gradual realisation that she's a lesbian, especially in light of her friend Pam (whom she comes to realize she has a crush on) having outed herself to the school and being ostracized (by Terry among others) as a result. On the last page, Pam tries to break the ice with Terry, who walks past her. DownerEnding... until you read past the letters pages, to a final page where Terry changes her mind, yells "Pam, WAIT!" down the corridor and runs after her, with the last panel being Terry in front of Pam with a sheepish smile on her face saying "Hi!"
* In Comicbook/{{Slaine}}: The Book of Invasions, Sláine finally pays his (incredibly greedy) Dwarf servant Ukko, and tells him to "start a new life in a new land". But Ukko doesn't want to go, and begs Sláine to allow him to help fight the Fomorian Sea Demon Moloch. Sláine says that it's something he must to himself, and then, after years of physically and mentally abusing Ukko to the point of torture just because he felt like it, Sláine comes out with this:
-->'''Ukko''': But we will meet again one day, right? In some bar somewhere? And we'll do it all again, right? Just you and me, Sláine? Just like in the old days?
-->'''Sláine''': Of course we will, Ukko. Of course. Goodbye, my friend.
** Ukko's reaction makes it all the more heartwarming.
-->'''Ukko''': He...he called me his...friend! His ''friend''!
* ''AmeliaRules'' is full of heartwarming moments, but the final defeat of The Shadowman in ''Superheroes'' is truly the crowning one.
** [[spoiler: Amelia's friend Trish suffers from a life-threatening ventricular septal defect. She copes with her fear of death by writing a fantasy story called "The Adventures of Princess Trishara", where she and her friends fight against the evil Shadowman. In the end Trish and her parents move to California where she is to receive surgery. Amelia does not hear from her again, but in a flash forward we see the teenaged Amelia receive a package with the conclusion of "The Adventures of Princess Trishara", where Trishara finally destroys The Shadowman using the above words that refer to their time together.]]
* Belgian cartoonist Foerster usually wrote and drew horror stories with a very, very dark humor, but there's one story of his that actually ends tenderly. A man has a boy, who immediately gets disliked by his mother who considers him a freak. As time passes by, everybody around the man and the boy finds the kid strange and scorn him. And to be fair, they have some reasons as the kid starts to lose his skin, eventually becoming a walking skeleton, and as everything around him withers and gets sick. His mother eventually commits suicide, as she's so disgusted by her son that she can't bear the idea she gave birth to him. But the man continues to raise him and to love him as if he was just a normal boy. As the man and the boy are finally so despised by everyone that they're thrown on the roads, the Grim Reaper himself appears and reveals that he's the boy's biological father, and that he'll make the boy his heir. The man tries to oppose this, but the Reaper replies by telling him he'll be his last job, and by giving him a heart attack... But the boy then kills the Reaper with his scythe, thus saving his adoptive father. And then, this dialogue occurs :
-->'''The man''' : Why did you do this ?! He was your father !
-->'''The boy''' : He may have been my father... But you're my daddy. And for this, you deserve to live a little longer.
* From ''DorkTower'', the goodbye chat between Gilly and her brother Walden as she prepares to leave for London.
-->'''Walden:''' "Can't say I blame you. There's not much keeping anyone here... guy-wise, anyway."
-->'''Gilly:''' "Oh, I dunno. There's this one fella who's kinda cool. Sometimes he lets his anger get the better of him, and he's not having the easiest time of it at the moment. But I think he's pretty special. An' anyway, he's got a big heart, he's smart and funny and ''totally'' underappreciated."
-->'''Walden:''' "Do I know this loser?"
-->'''Gilly:''' "Probably. He's my big brother. And one day I hope I find a guy kinda like him."
-->''(Beat. Hug.)''
-->'''Gilly:''' "Well, except maybe for [[StraightGay the gay part]], of course."
-->'''Walden:''' "Well, duh!"
* ''ComicBook/CastleWaiting'': towards the end of book 2, [[spoiler:the palace cat teaches Pindar to purr.]] "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Cue the "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!" squeeing.
* ''ComicBook/JasonVsLeatherface'', when Jason Voorhees found a kindred spirit in Leatherface, and steps up to defend him when his family abuses him. Who knew two bloodthirsty merciless psychopathic killers meeting would fit this trope?
* A story arc in ''ComicBook/TheFabulousFurryFreakBrothers'' has Freewheelin' Franklin offering to help a friendly redneck sell a trailerful of marijuana in UsefulNotes/SanFrancisco. He makes deals with all his acquaintances, hoping to sell at top price, but has to bargain more and more each time. He does end up making a bit for himself with each sale, and is pleased to pocket over $6000. Then, he passes by a poor kid who's begging for food money, and without a second thought gives him a thousand-dollar bill.
* A Scandinavian comic book series, ''Agent Annorlunda'' (Agent Different, the original title is AddedAlliterativeAppeal in Swedish) has this in spades in the ending of the story arc ''Mozarts Marionettes''. The plot revolves around two marionette puppets supposedly passed down from Mozart himself, which are revealed to contain sheets of music inside. They arent an unpublished symphony, but actually a secret cipher that leads to a treasure Mozart had hidden away before his death. In the end the heroes, pursued by the crimelord BigBad of the arc, finally uncover the treasure and are forced at gunpoint to open it... only to find it empty. Until they notice a melody seemingly coming out of nowhere. The melody is Mozarts last gift to the world, something that isnt tangible and cant be owned by anyone, but will still travel the world forevermore, lifting the spirits of everyone who hears it, even if they dont know why. Even as the notes fade overtime, it will always be there.