Heartwarming / Color Classics

  • 'Somewhere in Dreamland' is alternately this and a Tear Jerker.
  • Same goes for "Musical Memories".
  • Christmas Comes But Once A Year is this and an unequivocal Awesome Moment for Grampy. He doesn't just stop at replacing their toys, oh no. The man Macguyvers a entire Winter Wonderland out of anything he can reach for these kids, before topping it off by dressing up as Santa Claus. Why is he doing this? Because he felt like it. Because dammit, NOBODY deserves to be miserable on Christmas.
  • The ending to "Snubbed by a Snob" where a colt thanks Spunky for saving his life:
    Colt: You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir, and we salute you.
    Spunky: You're always welcome, sir.