Heartwarming / Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

  • Episode 1 (The Wyvern Arrives):
    • After showing off how much of an Ax-Crazy Ace Pilot he is in the first few minutes of the episode, the first sign that Akito is more than just that is shown in him coming to Leila's defense as her adoptive brother Ioan mocks her.
    • Another example coming again from Akito himself is the fact that he goes out of his way to build a grave for each of his fallen comrades who died during the earlier battle. Why? Because they all made a promise that those who survived the battle would make one for those who didn't, and Akito makes a grave for each of them on his own. The fact that Akito decides to even keep it says a lot.
    • Ryo deciding to surrender near the end at the condition that Leila doesn't hurt Ayano, and Yukiya trying to rescue both by threatening both Leila and Akito with a bomb. Though things don't really go as planned for the three, it goes to show that they're a closely knit group.

  • Episode 2 (The Wyvern Divided):
    • Near the end of Shin's reveal, Ryo, who after spending most of the episode antagonistic to Akito and Leila, comes to the defense of the former after hearing how Shin wants Akito, his own little brother, to die for his sake. As much a jerk as he can be, it shows that Ryo has his own heart of gold and would be damned if he allowed someone like Shin to get near Akito.

  • Episode 3 (The Brightness Falls):
    • Akito and Leila bonding with each other throughout the episode. From Akito taking the time to listen to Leila as she confides her past and insecurities to him, to Leila herself returning the favor later as she comforts Akito about his past, and how she's glad to have met him. Their smiling faces as they dance together by the bonfire tops it all off.
    • In general, the fact that Ryo, Ayano, and Yukiya are now more friendly towards Akito and Leila is a contrast to their initial behavior in the previous episode. Fire-Forged Friends indeed.
    • Julius Kingsley has a breakdown near the end of the episode as the brainwashing the Emperor had put on him starts to waver. One of the things he says during said event? Nunnally. Even while confused about who or where he is, Lelouch always has the memory of his little sister at heart.

  • Episode 4 (Memories of Hatred)
    • Akito finally beginning to resist the geass placed on him by his brother thanks to the influence of his comrades. Not to mention that afterwards, Ashley decides to move past trying to avenge his subordinate and makes peace with Akito instead. And not long afterwards, decides to switch sides.
    • Jean preventing Shin from committing suicide and her reaction to him nearly doing so. Say what you like about the man, he still has people who care about him after all and it shows with her. Jean's devotion to Shin in general would generate all kinds of feels depending on the person.
    • Near the end of the episode, Shin compels Akito to kill Leila with his geass. Akito does as told, and it looks like he's about to succeed when suddenly the Alexander stops and Akito drops this line:
    Akito: Commander.
    Leila: (Happily) Akito...!
    Akito: I'm getting us out of here.
    • The best part about that moment? The only other person to have resisted a geass that would have compelled them to kill someone dear to them was Euphemia. Granted, she wasn't exactly in a condition to perform it. Still, it means that Akito finally resisted Shin's geass over him not because of some Anti-Magic ability, but because of his own feelings for Leila.
      • Akito then using the Alexander to give Leila a Bridal Carry tops it off along with the credits sequence song.

  • Episode 5 (To Beloved Ones)