Heartwarming / CoDominium

  • The final battle of Prince of Sparta. The corrupt Grand Senator backing the bad guys has landed an entire CD Marine regiment in Sparta's capital. All of the Falkenberg's Legion combat troops and the Royal Spartan army are away at the fighting front. The odds are flat-out suicidal, with maybe one hundred of Falkenberg's rear-area base troops and their civilian dependents vs. Line Marine armor. The CD offers to let the Spartans remain unmolested if they stand aside and let them at the Legion, and since Sparta City has nothing left but the unorganized militia levy and a short company of Royal household troops General Owensford advises his employers to take the deal, to avoid them being massacred as well. Leading to this exchange:
    General Owensford: Actually it's rather late for that. You've learned well. Still, you'll be hurt. Murasaki's technoninjas will have your communications in knots once they round up all the former CD technicians. You've got good universities here, but they're not prepared for what Murasaki does. Not many are. Still, we've done a pretty good job on the Helots, at Base Camp One, and the Stora Commando operation. If they'd tried this stunt a couple of months ago, who knows, they really might have knocked you out of the war. Now, you've got a better chance than we do. Preserve your strength, take it slow and careful, I think you'll be all right in the end.
    Prince Lysander: General Owensford, I fear you are laboring under a misconception.
    General Owensford: Highness?
    Prince Lysander: You seem to think we're going to abandon you.