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Heartwarming: Clueless
  • Cher and her father having a sweet moment where he tells her she takes care of things around the house like her Missing Mom used to do.
    • Of particular mention is her acquiring of snacks for her father and his fellow lawyers. She thinks of helping others only a short time after being robbed at gunpoint.
  • Josh sticking up for Cher when one of her Dad's lawyers calls her "the dumb kid".
  • Travis and Tai finally getting together.
  • Cher going to Christian for advice later in the movie, saying he's great at making everything look beautiful and interesting.
  • Mel telling Cher that he maintains a relationship with his ex-stepson Josh because "you divorce wives, not kids." Josh doesn't seem to have a very good home life (his new stepdad is a jerk, his mom doesn't seem that great either, his biological father is never mentioned) and Mel probably sensed that the boy was lonely and needed a good family.
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