Heartwarming: City of Heroes

  • The "Leaving Praetoria" mission for a Praetorian character is nice, especially for those who've chosen to go heroside. The character gets to see and talk to many of the people you've helped during your time, who usually vow to continue fighting in your name and wish you luck in Primal Earth.
  • The people of Virtue Server, upon learning that a member of the community passed away, came together for a candle light vigil in Talos Island, a zone known for having a high occupancy due to being a highly traveled zone for players. The memorial was so large in attendance, that the maximum occupancy was reached. Most of those in attendance did not even know the player.
  • Virtue players struck again upon learning of City of Heroes being shut down, and held a torchlight vigil in Atlas Park. They filled 33 instances of AP. All those instances, at the time of this writing, are still there.
  • After the announcement of the closure of the game, the player base united to buy the entire studio dinner. A dinner at which several players crashed the party to pay the dev's entire drink tab.
  • Again, after it's impending closure there's this. If you don't feel moved after reading it, there's something deeply wrong with you.
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