Heartwarming / Cinderella Man

  • Braddock, seeing his daughter unhappy about having only one slice of ham for breakfast, tells her he had an amazing dream where he ate to his heart's content. Thus he's now so full that he can't eat his own breakfast, and gives his ham to her. Awww...
  • The day of the big fight, Mae goes to a church.
    Mae Braddock: I came to pray for Jim.
    Father Rorick: So did they.
    [camera pans around to reveal that the church is almost completely filled with people]
  • Mae to Jim just before the big fight (Also counts as a Rousing Speech)
    Mae: Maybe I understand some, about having to fight. So just remember who you are: You're the Bulldog of Bergen and the Pride of New Jersey. You're everybody's hope and you're your kids's hero. And you're the champion of my heart, James J. Braddock.
  • The shots of everyone celebrating after Jim wins the championship.