Heartwarming / Chris Jericho

  • His above-mentioned 2007 return, which aside from being totally awesome and funny for his attacks on Randy Orton, showed what appreciation and love the fans have for him. Hell, it took him a couple minutes to get over all the love.
  • In his DVD Biography, Breaking Down the Walls, Jericho stated that it was watching the feud between John Cena and Shawn Michaels, who he admitted was a big fan of both, that made him want to return in 2007.
  • Combining this with a Tear Jerker moment is his rumba on Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars. The theme was for the contestant to pick a personal song that told a story about them. Chris picked "Let it Be" by the Beatles because it reminds him of his mother. As readers of A Lion's Tale know, his mother was in a serious car accident when Chris was just beginning his career. He was ready to give up wrestling, but his mother told him to stay with it. She died in 2005 and loved dancing - he's said many times she would have loved seeing him on DWTS more than anything.
    • It was the first time in his 20-year professional career he's ever been billed as "Chris Irvine".
  • During a very brutal and personal feud with CM Punk, after their match at Wrestlemania 28, Jericho subtley shoots on Punk by ruffling his hair like a big brother. Coincidentally (or maybe not) it happened during a closeup shot.
  • During Wrestlemania 28, Mick Foley (who never beat Jericho in a match), noted that the next Wrestlemania was in the New York/New Jersey area and it would have been fun to finally drop an elbow on him at Madison Square Garden. When Foley told this story at the Wrestlemania 29 Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Garden, Jericho ran up on-stage and laid down, with CM Punk following to count a pinfall.
  • Every October 2nd, he contacts Lance Storm to wish him a happy anniversary: their first match (against each other) took place on October 2, 1990.
    • On October 3rd 2015, he observed his 25th anniversary in the business with Lance, Don Callis, and former FMW and WAR star "Dr. Luther" Len Olsen at ringside for his match against Kevin Owens at Madison Square Garden.
  • During his WWE Network interview with Stephanie McMahon, the two naturally start reminiscing about their long running feud. Steph admits that she considered the myriad insults directed at her to be just as much of a Crowning Moment of Funny as the rest of us do.