Heartwarming: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • Dick van Dyke singing You Two. He's perfect at playing a loving father.
  • Chitty having been turned from a burnt-out heap of old iron into a beautiful car yet again. Further heartwarming moments as Chitty starts up again and as Chitty gets back out on the road.
  • Caractacus expressing complete confidence in Chitty during the journey to Vulgaria:
    Truly: Where are we?
    Caractacus: Somewhere over the North Sea, I think.
    Truly: Don't you know where we're going?
    Caractacus: I don't, but Chitty does. I think we're in pretty good hands.
  • Caractacus and Truly among the hidden children of Vulgaria. They've never met these kids before and technically have no obligation to help, but they take very little convincing, if any.
  • This little Brick Joke near the end, right after Caractacus and Truly kiss.
    Truly: *outraged* Well, Mister Potts!
    Caractacus: *shocked* What? What's the matter?
    Truly: *laughing* Now you'll have to marry me!