Heartwarming / Chimneyspeak

  • Eggselent. I'm the first. This strip shows that Suka may be an insane Russian mob boss who kills without mercy, but apparently genuinely feels for Alice. Also, Suka is inexplicably adorable when looking up from Alice's Gag Boobs.
    • Topped in the next comic. Awwwww.
  • Why does Suka yell at her men? Because that's what happens in Russia. She's trying to remind them of home.
    Suka: Mikhael misses Russia. In Britain, people smile and whisper lies, yes? In Russia, people fight and scream truths. I shouting at him because I love him, and am want to remind him of home.
  • Something about Alice revising her orders regarding Elgie (to capture him instead of killing him), even though she knows that he is quite likely to kill her if he survives this whole ordeal is strangely touching