Heartwarming / Catch Me If You Can

  • Frank becoming a doctor just so he could help out Brenda, a pretty nurse having a hard time getting adjusted to working at that hospital.
  • Carl volunteering to work longer in Christmas Eve so his men could go home earlier.
    • In his own way, Frank calling Carl on Christmas Eve various times, trying to apologize and being friendly about it. Subverted in that Carl doesn't buy it, thinking that Frank is either taunting him or getting scared that Carl's getting too close to catching him.
  • After getting caught by the school for faking being a substitute French teacher, Frank's dad comes out of the principal's office with a stern look. But once Frank's mom storms out of view, the senior Frank shares a sly smile with his son for the sheer audacity of his stunt.
  • Carl confronting a bored and unhappy Frank who's attempting one more run as a fake pilot rather than keep working for the FBI, and then letting him go flee saying "I'm not chasing you anymore," but makes it clear if Frank doesn't come back to work the next week he loses his probation and gets sent back to jail for good. Next week comes around and Carl is honestly worried that Frank violated his probation, but when Frank quietly slips in to give his advice on an impressive bounced check Carl is genuinely relieved.