Heartwarming / Carpe Diem

  • The scene where Burt had caught Josh when he was younger and attempting to run away from home.
  • Josh's willingness to support Rodney, and being completely accepting of his orientation. In fact, Josh even set Rodeny up with a boyfriend.
  • Many of Rodney's and Ken's interactions are awfully sweet. Like when Ken blindfolded Rodney and surprised him with a comic cafe, something that Rodney is very pleased with.
  • While Burt was unconscious he dreams about a giant green kangaroo named Duncan, who is from his favorite childhood monster franchise. Near the end of his dream Burt hugs Duncan, saying that he had been wanting to do that since he was a kid.
  • The way Burt's parents accepts Kevin as part of the family, no questions asked. Anyone their son loves, they love.
  • Ken had come out to his father, and at first he seemed to be upset about it. But when Ken's father spoke up he told him that whoever he dates better treat him well. Ken's parents were completely accepting of his orientation.
  • The whole scene where Josh is babysitting a little boy named Ryo, and the way Ryo got upset that he had to go home and leave Josh.
  • Speaking of Ryo, it has been shown that he is very fond of Rodney. As soon as Ryo became aware that Rodney was around he lunged at his leg and hugged him tightly there.
  • The scene where Ken and Rodney are on there way to a human convention, and Rodney's fear of losing Ken to someone better are squashed when Ken tells him that he is cute intelligent, funny, and so many other things. He would never just up and dump Rodney.
  • Redkam, one of the creators of Carpe Diem, posted this image of Burt comforting whoever it is that needs it http://redkamart.tumblr.com/post/84300425666/youre-strong-enough#notes The image of this big old panda bear, with him looking at you with actual compassion and comfort are enough to bring tears to one's eyes.