Heartwarming / Capcom

  • In the November/December 1989 issue of Nintendo Power, NP showcased the "Capcom Children's Corner," which involved the company donating $50,000 dollars worth of video games and computer equipment to 10 hospitals in California, including 3 NES systems per hospital, 36 games, and a Hands-Free controller. The article went on to say that if the idea was successful, it could catch on across the country.
  • After suffering immense backlash for their constant screw ups, Capcom finally fessed up to their mistakes and asked their fans for help on what to do. When fans asked for a remaster/remake for Resident Evil 2, Capcom listened. Now that is showing dedication to your fans on improvement!
  • This press release stating that, after the release of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, they're considering reviving their more dormant IPs. This means that neglected series like Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, and Dino Crisis could make a long-awaited comeback.