Heartwarming / Caitlin's Way

  • Caitlin and Taylor bonding with each other when they get lost in the woods in "Solar Mates."
    • The end of "Solar Mates" too: The other campers find them and Taylor's friends gather her up and start asking her all about what happened. Just when you're expecting her to walk off and forget Caitlin completely, she turns around for a second and smiles at her before moving on.
  • In "Caitlins Trust", Caitlin breaks down crying over the idea of having to leave High River and Griffen puts his arm around her and comforts her. This is especially touching when you remember how Caitlin hated being there when she first arrived.
  • In "Icicle", the snowboarding instructor doesn't want Griffen to come along on a rescue mission to find Caitlin and Eric because Griffen has proven himself to be unreliable. Griffen's response: "Please. Caitlin's family."