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Heartwarming: Cable & Deadpool
  • Cable and Deadpool #50. After seeing Deadpool alternate between Psycho for Hire, Nominal Hero and Sociopathic Hero for most of the comic it is great to see him go out and be a hero because he wanted to be one. The scene at the end where he decides to share some beers with his friends (drawn in a way that calls back the series' beginning, with 'Pool watching TV alone) is what really drives it home.
  • The panels right after Cable blows up his own island, self-included, having sent Deadpool on a false mission to retrieve an item that actually warps Deadpool right back to safety in his own apartment. Deadpool sits down on his couch and turns on the news to find out about the explosion, a devastated expression on his masked face. "Nate...I wasn't worth it." * picks up gun* "...And I won't let you down."
  • Most of Bob of HYDRA's fanboying of Deadpool in general.
  • Deadpool and Weasel's reunion in issue #27, in which it is revealed that Weasel cut a deal and did his jail time to appease Deadpool's decision to be more on the up and up (and to avoid a life sentence) and that Deadpool has TiVo'd every episode of Battlestar Galactica for Weasel in the event of reconciliation.
  • In Cable & Deadpool #18, Deadpool, Siryn, and Cannonball find an Alternate Universe version of Mr. Sinister caring for a baby Cable and trying to genetically engineer him into a mutant warrior/messiah for his own ends. Deadpool has this to say about it (and gets his own quirky CMOH for it):
    Deadpool: You're not allowed to crush his hopes and dreams and force him to do what you want him to do unless you're his real parent! He needs someone who'll love him and teach him how to shoot a gun and only show him the good porn! Someone like me!
  • There's another issue where he buys Outlaw an apartment and furnishes it completely, as a thanks to her always being there for him.
  • "Do not say thank you. Do not say you're proud of me. Do not say goodbye."
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