Heartwarming / CM Punk

The WWE web site refers to him as the Voice of the Voiceless. Now look at some of his acts as a face.
  • Punk stops by an indy wrestling event to pay tribute to Gregory Iron (a wrestler with Cerebral Palsy).
  • During his feud with Triple H (or The Kliq in general), Punk cut a promo on how he wants everyone one to enjoy watching the WWE, stating, as much as possible, unite the Broken Base.
  • Survivor Series 2011 — CM Punk's personal ring announcer to counter Alberto Del Rio's own is Howard Finkel! Not only is it an awesome Take That! at Del Rio, but an obviously choked up Fink was treated to almost 20,000 people chanting for him.
  • On the November 28 2011 edition of Raw, Punk pulled a Shout-Out to Eddie Guerrero by turning Del Rio's attempt to get Punk disqualified against him via Eddie's old chair trick. The best thing about this was Punk's post-show Tweet: "Thanks Eddie."
  • Punk wore specially-colored and -themednote  wrestling trunks in tribute to Randy Savage on the Raw after Savage passed away. Punk also used the elbow drop that night. Mattel later released an action figure set that featured Punk and Savage together, and Punk has often pulled out the elbow drop in matches since.
  • 12/19/11: Punk has Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder, both with their new championships, in the ring in front of the absolute best possible crowd they could find. He was radiating respect out of every pore.
    • "I figured if any city would appreciate this, it would be Philadelphia."
  • Classy act once again on February 5th 2012, in a house show in Wichita Falls, Texas: Punk threw his t-shirt at a kid sitting in the front row only to have it snatched by a middle-aged man who went back to his seat. Punk reportedly "left the ring, walked across the arena to the merchandise stand, grabbed a new t-shirt and handed it to the kid that he had intended to throw the t-shirt to in the first place."
  • On the 2/20/12 edition of Raw, Punk comes to the ring to do commentary for the 10 man battle royal to determine who'll he defend the WWE Championship against at Wrestlemania, near the commentary area is a teenage CM Punk fangirl who reacted to seeing Punk like most teenage girls would react to seeing Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber. Punk, seeing that she's obviously a fan on his, walks up and shakes her hand. Said fangirl is now bordering on Tears of Joy.
  • On the 3/19/12 Raw, Punk responded to Chris Jericho bringing up his father's drinking problem. He called Jericho out on using his father's disease to get into his head, and that alcoholism is nothing to joke about, and that someone's mistakes are no reason to judge them. He ended with a truly beautiful line: "There isn't a person on this planet who deserves to let a past nightmare dictate their future dreams."
  • Part of his preparation for WrestleMania 28; including meeting with legends Ric Flair and Triple H, is spending the afternoon with Lita. No hype, nothing special, he was just chilling with the former Womens' Champion.
  • Even through they were Arch Enemies in the summer of 2011, things between CM punk and John Cena appear to have blown over as on the 04/24/12 edition of Raw after the show ended, CM Punk not only admitted John Cena was "a good professional wrestler" and led the entire locker room in singing Happy Birthday to John Cena.
  • After his win against Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules 2012, Punk goes to celebrate with his hometown crowd in Chicago. A victory well deserved.
  • Several on the documentary on his DVD, but one that stands out is when he bought Joey Mercury's house, when Mercury was suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction and his house was going into foreclosure.
    Joey Mercury: I don't know if I'm his best friend, but CM Punk is my best friend.
    • Joey Mercury reciprocated this himself. Punk didn't know if he wanted to stay or part ways with the WWE. Joey asked Punk what he wanted to do, and Punk said he wanted to change this place (pro-wrestling as a whole) for the better. Joey replied with a line that proved to be important to Punk's career:
    Joey Mercury: You can't change anything from your couch.
  • This. A 77 year-old robbery victim shot in the face is more upset that Punk lost at the Royal Rumble. So Punk calls him and promises him a backstage pass and free tickets when WWE comes to Syracuse. Just... wow...
  • The first half of his promo with Paul Heyman on the June 24, 2013 RAW, if you squint hard enough, seemed like a sort of "love note" to the former "Mad Genius." Despite his less-than-reputable status WWE and wrestling in general, Heyman saw something in Punk back in 2005-06 that not only made him turn down requests from Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis to cut Punk loose from the developmental roster, but bring him up as part of the new ECW in 2006.
  • After the 12/30 Raw ended with Daniel Bryan apparently aligning with The Wyatt Family, Punk had these comments to say regarding it. In short, he encourages the fans to continue to support Bryan even in his hopeless situation, and says that Bryan will overcome the Wyatt Family.
  • In the infamous podcast, Punk skirts around mentioning AJ as much as possible. Might seem weird but it's pretty obvious he was trying to protect her from any fallout of it.
  • Punk may be bitter and jaded with wrestling, but he was willing to let all that go for one moment and tweet a gif showing him and Daniel Bryan shaking hands right before one of their ROH matches, after Bryan officially announced his retirement.
    • In addition, a year before when Dusty Rhodes passed away, he commented on how bad his death was as the two loved each other, concluding with giving condolences to Cody and Dustin.