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Heartwarming: Butter Cream Gang
  • Eldon has a good moment the end of the second movie.
    Eldon: (after he's given enough money to save Mr. Grafts house) No sir, this is for Mr. Graft. I've always been rich.
    • AWW
  • In the first one, this scene.
    Scott: (after Pete has trashed a local store) I'm confused, Pete. What do you want?
    Pete: I WANT YOU TO HATE ME! BECAUSE I HATE MYSELF! (paraphrased since it's been a while since I've seen this)
    Scott: Pete, you're my friend! I can't hate you!
  • And then there's the ending where it's revealed that when Pete went back to his aunt's, he started his own Butter Cream Gang in her neighborhood.
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