Heartwarming / Bunheads

  • The ballet number at the end of the second episode. Also qualifies as a Tear Jerker, at least it did for me.
  • Sasha buying Boo the shoes she needs for her Joffrey audition.
  • "Wanna come over for some failure cake?"
  • Boo's public apology to Carl which turns her adorkable factor Up to 11 and then their dance pushes it to Over Nine Thousand.
  • Fanny watching the DVD of Michelle and Hubbell's wedding then immediately hunting her down to fetch her back to Paradise.
    • For that matter, Hubble in the wedding video. He's so adorable!
  • Sasha's reaction to Michelle's return.
    • Most of Sasha's scenes really since we see her as she is when she's doesn't have her Jerkass Facade up.
  • Melanie's takedown of Charlie's ex for dumping him for no apparent reason, showing that she really does care about him even though she'd probably never admit it.
  • Michelle saying to her brother that Fanny taught her: "You choose your own family and there's nothing you can't change if you really want to." So far it's the biggest seed planted for the Fanny-Michelle, mother-daughter relationship.
  • Sasha really getting into the whole Michelle-as-mother dynamic plus her own 50's housewife routine when no one's looking (other than her friends). What really tops it off is when she schedules an appointment to talk to Michelle about sex. And it's a Red Herring since it's Ginny who is the one who's had sex and goes to Michelle to talk about it.