Heartwarming / Brothers Conflict


Episode 1
  • Miwa and Ema's meeting, which includes Miwa being happy to have a daughter.
  • While it was a misunderstanding on her part, Ema tells Tsubaki and Azusa that she would support their "relationship". In truth, they were practicing lines from their work, but it was sweet nonetheless.

Episode 9
  • Natsume telling Ema that she is not a nuisance to her family and pulling her in for a kiss.
  • Louis comforting Ema after she finds out she's adopted by telling her that he is also adopted. The message that family doesn't need to be related by blood for them to love each other is just so sweet.

Episode 12
  • While they both are still in love with Ema, both Subaru and Natsume are on good terms again.


Valentine's Special
  • All of the brothers making their own chocolate for Ema.
  • Who was Ema saving her sepcial chocolate for? Her father.