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Heartwarming: Break Blade
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Chapter 41. Just Chapter 41. Considering what he went through in Chapter 40...
    • The end of chapter 52. Lygatt feels down for defying orders and killing General Borcuse, so he goes to the military graveyard. He runs into General Baldr, and they get to talking. Then more soldiers start showing up, with alcohol, and it slowly turns into a party centered around those two. The cherry on top is Sigyn, who followed Lygatt to yell at him for being anti-social at the nobles' party, smiling down at the scene. You get one guess just who's grave that is. You're right, Girge's. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The aftermath of Girge and Rygart's fight in Ch. 35, as Girge looks down on Rygart—before commenting that Rygart really is an idiot, with what's quite possibly the first genuine smile on his face. In that moment, you can tell that he's starting to connect with Rygart.
  • Similarly, Girge's explanation as to why he didn't defect to Athens, despite the fact that, as Rygart points out, they'd probably treat him better—he's already contracted with Rygart, after all.
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