Heartwarming / Braveheart

  • At his father and brother's funeral, young William is given a thistle by a young Murron.
    • After riding with Murron, Wallace gives her a gift: the same thistle she gave him as a child at his father and brother's funeral.
  • MacClannough disapproves of Wallace's courtship of his daughter, and so they marry in secret, without his knowledge. Much later, at her funeral, Wallace presents himself to MacClannough and kneels for his blessing. After some clear internal struggle, MacClannough grants it. Wallace has earned his respect.
  • Wallace to Bruce: "Unite us. Unite the clans." It doesn't last long.
    • In the end he does.
  • This exchange:
    Robert the Elder: "All men betray, all men lose heart...
    Robert the Bruce: "I don't want to lose heart! I want to believe. As he [Wallace] does."