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Heartwarming: Brave New World

The fanfic:

  • Lily and Dawn seem doomed to have these on a regular basis since they joined up, though nobody (even Tiny) is immune.
  • Tiny finally accepts the group as his family after being Purified. He claims he'll live up to their expectations and finally sees the world as a beautiful place.
  • Fantina's reaction to Lily, the daughter of her most evil enemy, Bellum.
  • Leo and Lily finally hooking up as boyfriend and girlfriend, and Lily's discovery of her own feelings for Leo is very sweet.
  • Aaron's proposal to Zorra, and her accepting
  • The mass wedding
  • Lily, who feared she'd be hated by all of Fichnia and especially Fatinia's family, gets hugged by all six of Fatinia's daughters, who gush sympathy for having a horrible mother.
  • Chapter 63: Nuken hugs Lilly, in public, in front of cameras. He's so happy to see her alive that he doesn't care about the damage to his fearsome reputation.
  • Chapter 65 has the final moments before the assault on Mars.
    • Lily and Leo talk about immortality, and how they'll help each other with their dreams.
    • Briney and Sasha talk about Briney's death and Sasha's family.
    • Boa and Micheal talk about how they both feel left out and confused by the rest of the group.
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