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Heartwarming: Brain Dead 13
  • One 'death' involving a bat flying down and assailing Lance has said bat snatching Lance with its wings, 'hugging' him and playfully chewing on his head while Lance gives it a slightly irritated look. After seeing Lance get torn apart in so many comedic ways, something about a creature not actually killing him and simply annoying him is strangely adorable and unexpected.
    • The death scene in the main entryway. It's either this or a Funny Moment, but after Fritz kills Lance by pouncing on him from above, tackling him into the dirt and into unseen death, emerging from the hole and burying him, he does something nice: planting a flower on Lance's new grave. After many gruesome deaths inflicted by Fritz, this scene is actually heartwarming. Frankomatic of Obscure Game Theatre says it all:
      "At least he's nice enough to put a flower on your grave... and he's not such a jerk after all."
      • I dunno. It seemed to me like Fritz was mocking Lance when he did that.
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