Heartwarming / Bob Dylan

  • "If You See Her, Say Hello", from Blood on the Tracks.
  • A good chunk of the New Morning album, particularly "If Not For You", "Winterlude", "New Morning" and "The Man in Me".
  • "Forever Young" from Planet Waves is written for his children, and it shows.
  • "Talkin' World War III Blues", written at the height of the Cold War, ends with a whopper, after Dylan recounts a dream about being one of the few survivors after a nuclear strike on New York.
    Well, now time passed and now it seems everybodyís having them dreams
    Everybody sees themselves walkiní around with no one else
    Half of the people can be part right all of the time
    Some of the people can be all right part of the time
    But all of the people canít be all right all of the time
    I think Abraham Lincoln said that...
    Iíll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours. I said that!
  • In 2002, Dylan found out that Warren Zevon was dying of cancer. Not only did he then spend an entire leg of the Never-Ending Tour doing several Zevon covers every night, without any comment to the audience on why he was doing it, but he made sure Zevon was invited to one of the shows so Warren could hear his idol cover him.
    Warren Zevon: I walked into the studio and they said, 'Bob Dylan's here,' I said, 'Why?' 'To see you.' [Beat] That's worth a million records to me.