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Heartwarming: Blizzard Storm
  • Eric realizing that Sakido isn't like how he perceived her. His thoughts sum it up: "Those old stories are just that, lies of old men. Sakido is nothing like those old stories of demons being pure evil and only wanting to kill... she really is a good person..."
  • The ending of Chapter 17, plain and simple.
  • Sakido and Buwaro reconciling can easily be one of the most touching moments if you know the reason for it.
  • In chapter 23, when Eric leaves the group, Sakido is torn between following him or staying. Its only with encouragement from Buwaro and Rhea does she make her decision. The scene that follows also counts.
  • Chapter 28 ends with Eric tending to Sakido's wounds after they finally managed to defeat the rebels. The scene that follows between them is nothing short of touching.
  • The side-story, Waterfall Romance as a whole is one big Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. In a nutshell, Sakido and Eric accidentally stumble into each other during a bath, which leads to them having Their First Time together, culminating with the two falling asleep in each others arms, both of them accepting each other as their mate
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