Heartwarming / Blazing Saddles

  • The friendship that develops between Bart and the Waco Kid. The crowning moment has to be when Jim makes Bart laugh after his encounter with a Racist Grandma.
    • Said Racist Grandma bakes a pie for Bart in gratitude later in the film. Even though she tells Bart not to tell anyone about it, Bart doesn't mind and appreciates the thought.
  • The expression on the face of Bart's friend on the railroad as he rides up to the railroad worksite, combined with a slow version of the movie's theme song, was really a warming scene. The sheer and unabashed joy of two friends reuniting when they never thought they could (due to one going off to be hanged) is always heartwarming.
  • The scene in which the townsfolk agree to give the railroad workers some land to homestead in exchange for their help:
    Olsen Johnson: All right, we'll give some land to the niggers and the chinks...but we don't want the Irish!
    (everyone grumbles)
    Bart: (assess the railroad workers reaction) ...No deal.
    Olsen Johnson: Aw, prairie shit! (smiles) Everybody.
    (everyone happily rushes forward and starts shaking hands like old friends)
    • Also, the fact that the black and Chinese workers refused to accept the deal until the Irish were included.
  • "They hit Buddy!! C'mon girls!!"
  • "Keep the faith brothers!"
  • "No where special, I always wanted to go there."