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* [[ This scene.]]
* Deckard, a Blade Runner, vowing to protect Rachael, an experimental Replicant knowing the enormous risks he is running (no pun intended).
* Rachael and Deckard at the end. "Do you trust me?", "I trust you." "Do you love me?" "I love you."
* Leon's UnstoppableRage when he confronts Deckard after Zhora's death, which is the first major indication that the Replicants aren't straight-up villains.
* Despite Deckard having murdered his beloved Priss and Zora in cold blood, all Roy saw was a helpless man hanging on for dear life... not unlike himself; and in a moment of common kinship saved him from the precipice of death, and earning his humanity with his final breath.
** Roy Batty's soul then flies to the freedom of a clear blue heavenly sky in the form of a the white dove he tenderly embraced... a moment sadly ruined in the "Final Cut" by having it repleaced with an ugly and polluted smog choked dark miasma.
* Gaff letting Rachael go. He could have "retired" her, and been commended for it by his superiors. But he decided that he wouldn't. Though, the way he informed Deckard of this [[ParanoiaFuel "It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?"]] didn't exactly set Deckard's mind at ease.