Heartwarming / Blade Runner

  • This scene.
  • Deckard, a Bladerunner, vowing to protect Rachel, an experimental replicant knowing the enormous risks he is running (no pun intended).
  • Rachel and Deckard at the end. "Do you trust me?", "I trust you.". "Do you love me?", "I love you."
  • Leon's Unstoppable Rage when he confronts Deckard after Zhora's death, which is the first major indication that the Replicants aren't straight-up villains.
  • Roy's decision to save Deckard even after he killed Pris and Zhora.
  • Gaff letting Rachel go. He could have "retired" her, and been commended for it by his superiors. But he decided that he wouldn't. Though, the way he informed Deckard of this "It's too bad she won't live." didn't exactly set Deckard's mind at ease.