Heartwarming / Black Jack Justice

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     Season One 
Justice in Love and War
  • The episode opens with Jack literally stumbling across a man who'd been beaten up by mobsters. He and Trixie proceed to hear his story and help him get the woman he's fallen for away from the mobster who took a shine to her. All of this is done at high risk and no pay. Yet, according to Jack, the letter he received from the couple a year later telling him and Trixie they were doing well, had a baby on the way, and making promises about the baby's name Jack doubted would come to pass was the nicest fee either of them had ever received.

     Season Eight 
The Late Mr. Justice
  • Crossing over with Awesome, an old enemy of Jack's, Rick Morales, is released from prison and almost immediately launches a plan to kill Jack. To do so, Morales kidnaps Jack's girlfriend, Dorothy, and promises to kill her unless Jack lets Morales kill him. However, Morales makes the mistake of giving Jack time to make a plan and he uses it to get every friend and ally he can get. The encounter ends on a shootout between Morales' gang and Jack, Trixie, Sabien, Nelson, "Button-Down" Theo, and hotel detective Alf McKinney while Freddy the Finger sneaks Dorothy free and out of the line of fire. Some of those allies say it was more for Dot's sake than Jack's, but the sentiment is there either way.