Heartwarming: Beyblade

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     Season 1 
  • Episode 14 of season 1 is when Kai finally shows his softer sides and that he's not just a Jerkass but a Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • first he gives Max a much-needed What the Hell, Hero? about the way he's trying to gain time for Rei and Takao (who are late due a chili pepper and an avalanche), as he's disrespecting his opponent in the semi-finals, an opponent who had to assemble a beyblade by scavenging parts from a beach (there were no beyblades in the Maldives).
    • when Max finally wins, Takao and Rei still aren't there... So Kai, who so far had not fought due a lack of capable opponents, finally competes. And saves Max from an embarrassing situation in the process;
    • finally, refusing to disrespect his opponent by going easy on him, wins with his usual One-Hit KO... But, differently from usual, opts for a ring-out instead of the usual disintegration.
    • Also, after the match, Max gives his opponent his old beyblade, the Draciel Metal Ball Defenser. Sure, he has Draciel S now... But he did put the Metal Ball Defenser together on his own.
  • The entire episode 16 of season one, as it deals with Rei and Mao's relationship. It's beyond this troper's ability to describe, except for the climax: their reciprocal Anguished Declaration of Love.
    • Also, Kai encouraging Rei to snap out of his funk and fight for his dreams. And when Rei does that, Kai smiles. Not his usual superior smirk, just a calm smile.
      • He continues giving advice and encouragement in episode 17 too, but this time is to Takao, his rival.
  • In episode 18, Takao, Max and the Chief stopping whatever they were doing just to help a little kid to repair his beyblade. The fact they ended up creating 10Bistool (one of the best beyblades of the plastic era, in the metagame) makes this only more heartwarming.
  • The reunion between Max and his mother in episode 19. Quickly turned in a Tear Jerker when she learns Max is there with the Bladebreakers and goes into cold scientist mode.
  • Episode 21 offers us Kai playing Trickster Mentor to Takao and helping a beginner at the same time.
  • Episode 23:
    • Max's mother finally showing some concern for her son after their first encounter.
    • Kai taking care of telling Max where his mother is in the audience.
  • Any time that two opponents shake hands after a battle always made me smile.A show of sportsmanship as seen with Max/Gary, Ray/Lee, Tyson/Tala
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