Heartwarming / Beverly Hills Teens

  • "Bianca's Dream" ends with Bianca kissing and hugging Wilshire as thanks for everything he's done for her.
  • In the episode "Poll Climbers" Pierce loses the class president election, but Larke seeing how sad he looks agrees to go on a date with him, even saying he has potential to be a good boyfriend.
  • Gig and Jett getting back together at the end of "Star Split".
  • The ending of "Jillian's Lesson" with everybody dancing under an artificial rainbow.
  • Even if it's just for a brief moment, seeing Bianca show genuine concern for Wilshire's feelings in "The Kindest Cut of All".
    • Wilshire revealing he gave the license plates to a charity.
  • "Troy Triathlon" has two: Jett and Gig finally landing a record deal, and Bianca hugging and kissing Wilshire again.
  • In "Nikki's Big Break," Nikki's visiting cousin, who had been playing pranks on everyone, including Nikki, from the moment he arrived at the teen club, gives her an actual gift (a doll made to look like Nikki) to celebrate the opening night of her play.
  • The ending of "Chase of a Lifetime". Everyone, including Wilshire and Bianca, gets a date for the Sadie Hawkins dance. You can't help but feel happy that it all worked out for everyone.
  • The ending of the series finale. It's seriously as touching as an 80's cartoon Christmas Episode can possibly get (with a little bit of End-of-Series Awareness to boot).