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Heartwarming: Beverly Hills Teens
  • "Bianca's Dream" ends with Bianca kissing and hugging Wilshire as thanks for everything he's done for her.
  • In the episode "Poll Climbers" Pierce loses the class president election, but Larke seeing how sad he looks agrees to go on a date with him, even saying he has potential to be a good boyfriend.
  • Gig and Jett getting back together at the end of "Star Split".
  • The ending of "Jillian's Lesson" with everybody dancing under an artificial rainbow.
  • Even if it's just for a brief moment, seeing Bianca show genuine concern for Wilshire's feelings in "The Kindest Cut of All".
    • Wilshire revealing he gave the license plates to a charity.
  • "Troy Triathlon" has two: Jett and Gig finally landing a record deal, and Bianca hugging and kissing Wilshire again.
  • The ending of the series finale. It's seriously as touching as an 80's cartoon Christmas Episode can possibly get.
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