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Heartwarming: Benedict Cumberbatch
  • The story behind how we learned just how messy his handwriting is: At some point, a few fans somehow discovered an address where Benedict could receive fan mail. A few people figured "Oh, why not?" and sent some letters to him, not expecting to hear anything. Cue their surprise a few weeks later when they find that Benedict (who might be one of the busiest working actors right now) actually took the time to send them hand-written replies, surprising them and guaranteeing that his fanbase will do whatever he asks.
  • The relationship Benedict has with his parents, actors Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham. They frequently come to his live performances and are known to get very emotional. During the opening night of After the Dance, Benedict asked if his father was crying was because he was relieved he got through it. His response? "No, you stupid boy. Im crying because you were so wonderful.
    • What's even more heartwarming is that his parents encouraged him to pursue a career other than acting because of how hard it was for them financially. A turning point came when they saw a performance of his at University and they agreed that he could be better at it than they ever were.
  • Benedict has been involved with many charities, primarily the Princes' Trust which he has been an ambassador for since 2008. His genuine dedication to these causes inspired his fans to set up various donation drives in honor of his birthday. The owners of his Fan Site decided to hold one for the Teenage Cancer Trust, expecting to raise about $1,000. The drive managed to reach over $9000 within SIX WEEKS.
  • Benedict's guest spot on Sesame Street. All of it.

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