Heartwarming / Benchwarmers

  • All throughout the movie, the rival baseball teams have been real Jerk Jocks to the Benchwarmers and their supporters. Then comes the finals where Gus, Clark, and Richie decide to let a group of kids who have never played baseball play as the Benchwarmers. Throughout the finals, the opposing baseball team watches in confusion and admiration as the kids play baseball badly, but continue to get up and have fun, even being good sports when the opposing team scores. Jerry continues to be a Jerkass to both the Benchwarmers and his team for admiring the Benchwarmers, to the point where his team decides to help the Benchwarmers avoid getting shut out, with Nelson offering the catcher to help with his homework, to which the catcher accepts. It is an awesome and heartwarming thing to see a team that pushed Nelson to the ground and farted in his face in the beginning of the movie, now purposely screwing up so Nelson can get the rush of a home run.