* The part at the end when Rana Sanga's son greets him as he rides through the city gate.
* The wedding between Shakuntala and Raghunath Rao
* Dadaji Holkar reuniting with his wife
* As much as the story emphasizes that Justinian and Theodora are not nice people, it also shows that their love for each other is genuine and unshakeable.
* Rana Sanga discussing his wife with Belisarius:
-->'''Belisarius:''' My wife is a very beautiful woman. Is yours, King of Rajputana?\\
'''Rana Sanga:''' She is plump and plain-faced. Her hair was already gray by the time she was thirty.\\
'''Belisarius:''' Would you trade her, then, for my own?\\
'''Rana Sanga:''' She is my life. The mother of my children. The joy of my youth and the certainty of my manhood. Just as she will be the comfort of my old age. [...] I would not trade her for a goddess.
* The discussion between Antonina and Belisarius about the cover story that will have her (supposedly) cuckolding him:
-->'''Antonina:''' There will never be any truth to the tales, Belisarius. I swear before God. Never. A month from now, a year from now, ten years from now. You will always be able to ask, and the answer will always be: no.\\
'''Bellisarius:''' I know. And I swear this, before God: ''I will never ask.''
* The reunion between Antonina and Belisarius after the former arrives with a fleet to pull the latter out of Charax after they've been separated for over a year. No one dares make a comment about the two senior military commanders on the scene sharing a passionate kiss.