Heartwarming / Battle: Los Angeles

  • Stavrou snapping Harris out of his raging about how he's still alive after the helicopter evacing four of their friends is shot down by pointing out he doesn't deserve to go any more than they did.
    Harris: Guerrero, Lenihan, Grayson...Grayson had kids! They didn't deserve that! They didn't deserve to go out like that!
    Stavrou: AND NEITHER DO YOU! Alright? Neither do you! Ok, you're gonna get out of here, you're gonna marry Cherise...and you're gonna be her problem from now on!
  • While hunkering down in the bus with a drone right above them hunting their radio signals, one of the children grabs a Marine’s hand in fear. The Marine reassuringly squeezes her hand, despite being terrified himself. Nothing will be allowed to happen to the kids while these men draw breath.
  • The one scene where Nantz drops behind enemy lines to check for the control tower. For five seconds he's all alone... and then the rest of the squad drops down behind him. Call it You Are Not Alone by way of pre-emptive Big Damn Heroes, call it the Misfit Mobilization Moment, call it what you want, the fact stands - its frigging beautiful.
  • Nantz remembers the names, ranks, and serial numbers of all four of the Marines who died under his command, and recites them to Lockett verbatim. It marks the end of Lockett's Jerk Ass treatment of Nantz, and he starts showing some respect. By the end of the film, they're Fire-Forged Friends.