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Heartwarming: Batman: No Man's Land
  • One of the major crises hitting Gotham during NML is the lack of rain. With no clean water for drinking, sanitation or agriculture, the city's suffering heavily because of the drought. Batman, a flesh and blood man, can't really do anything about it... but a Man Of Steel can. It goes into CMOH territory when Batman looks up at the rain and does a half-smile. A half-smile from Batman would be a glowing one for anyone else.
  • Most of Poison Ivy's appearance, in which she sets aside her misanthropy and cares for over a dozen orphans like a mother. Even Batman decides that they are better off in her care. This caries over to a post-NML story, where Ivy is prepared to martyr herself to prevent Robinson Park from being defoliated, but turns herself in to save ones of the orphans.
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