->[[RunningGag Warning: The heartwarming moments you are about to read are canon.]]
For such a silly game, it's surprisingly well-written.
* Dikembe Mutumbo's tomb. "You are... forgiven."
* [[spoiler:The ghost of Leonard goes home.]]
* The meeting with Yelmirb [[spoiler:or in other words, Wilford Brimley]]. For all he's a jackass, this scene makes clear just how much Barkley loves his son.
* Choosing Vinceborg's simple and clinical poetry earns the best item, which can easily be interpreted as a joke, but take a closer look. The other options, while better-written and more flattering, completely ignore the information provided by the quest-giver in favour of sounding good. Vinceborg's options are terrible, but they try to be specific to the person they're aimed at, delivering AnAesop that care is more important than talent when it comes to such things.