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Heartwarming: Barenaked Ladies
  • Considering Steven Page's known mental illnesses, the Ed Robertson-penned song Crazy is a pretty heartwarming song about how everyone is somewhat unhinged mentally and it really doesn't matter.
    "I'm crazy just like you"
  • "Light Up My Room" is a song practically made of "aww". When foam on a creek and a tire field that's on fire not only don't damper your spirits, but actually keep them up, you know what you're listening to is the epitome of heartwarming.
  • You can't help but feel good listening to If I had $1,000,000
  • While the music video is mostly funny and clashes with the lyrics, "Odds Are" is mostly a heartwarming song encouraging you not to miss opportunities in front of you, just because you're scared of things which likely won't happen.
    • Heartwarming to the point that the lyrics explain that considering the odds, you have a better chance of falling in love by the time the song ends, than dying in a multitude of horrible ways.
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