Heartwarming / Barefoot Gen

  • As seen in the animated adaptation, before the bombing occurred, Gen and Shinji attempt to steal carp from an old neighbor's pond in order to feed their sick mother and their unborn sibling. The neighbor, enraged, slaps Gen who shouts "[Beat me], but let me keep the fish when you're done", to which Shinji follows along ("You can hit me as much as you want to"). They explain their motivation for stealing the fish which silences the neighbor. The brothers sob with grief taking the silence as a refusal. Then the old man smiles and allows the boy to take the carp. This is later followed by the old man telling Kimie and Dankichi his admiration for the boys' devotion to their mother. And followed by the parents embracing their boys.
    • Also, Kimie and Gen taking Ryuuta in.
  • And when Gen and Ryuuta, trying to get a job so they can get food for their baby sister, who is ill with malnutrition. They got jobs but their client is very spoiled and rude. As they can't take it anymore, they slapped him and decided to quit. But the patient starts crying that his family started neglecting him after the bombing and treated his workers like crap like what they did to him. Then Gen and Ryuuta decided to continue working and tries to persuade him into painting again.