Heartwarming / Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

  • Annika reuniting with her parents, as well as their reunion with Brietta.
  • Annika using the Wand of Light properly—it's powered by her love.
  • Annika, having realized that all of Wenlock's slaves are actually his wives, berates him for treating them so terribly. And later, when one of them is holding the Wand of Light and has to choose between obeying Wenlock and giving it to him, or giving it to Annika.
    Annika: I can use the Wand to make a better life for all of us.
    (A pause, the slave fearfully looks to Wenlock, then back to Annika. Annika extends her hand.)
    Annika: All of us.
    (The slave hesitates once more, before throwing the Wand to Annika.)