Heartwarming / Asunder

  • Seeing the affection and comraderie between Shale, Wynne, and Leliana is absolutely heartwarming. Even years after ending the Blight, they're still as close as family and protective of one another.
    • While one may question the morality behind the Hero of Ferelden giving Wynne that demonic staff, it's still nice to see her go through that much trouble to keep it safe.
  • Wynne came to see Rhys after the end of the Fifth Blight because she thought she was dying. It's probably not a stretch to assume her motherly relationship with Alistair may have made her want to see her own son.
  • Wynne sacrificing herself to save the love of her son's life.
  • The kiss between Rhys and Evangeline at the end of the book. Even if it does swerve immediately into a memorial service for Wynne.