* In ''Asterix and the Cauldron'', after Asterix is forced to leave the village and Obelix follows him.
-->'''Asterix:''' Go back to the village, Obelix. You don't have to follow me... I am banished.\\
'''Obelix:''' Banished? Well, we'll be banished together! ''(ManlyTears ensue)''
* At the end of ''Asterix and Caesar's Gift'', when Orthopaedix and, more importantly, Influenza are planning to return to Lutetia, Asterix finds the lovelorn Obelix (who has fallen out with Asterix over Influenza) sitting on a bench. He sits next to him and gives him a friendly dig in the ribs. In the next panel, Asterix is flying sideways through the air past a startled Getafix, smiling ear to ear and shouting "OBELIX IS FRIENDS WITH ME AGAIN!"[[note]] A CallBack to a similar exchange earlier in the book when Asterix gave Obelix a friendly dig in the ribs and Obelix accidentally sent Asterix flying by returning the dig.[[/note]]
* At the end of ''Twelve Tasks of Asterix'', When the Gauls finally pass the last task and Caesar surrenders, you might expect the Gauls to take revenge on the man that conquered Gaul and has harassed them at every turn. Instead, they allow him to retire to a sumptuous villa with Cleopatra, where they can live in peace. And knowing [[EtTuBrute how his career ended in real life]], well, Caesar's VERY lucky.
* The ending of ''Asterix and Son''. [[spoiler:Caesar makes a temporary truce with the villagers as a reward for saving his son Caesarion, and since the village has been burnt down, he and Cleopatra throw the obligatory party for them on Cleopatra's ship.]]