Heartwarming / Associated Student Bodies

  • Daniel's talk with the sympathetic priest in Issue 6 who helps him patch up his broken relationship with his father is very moving and heartwarming. As is the end when his father, even though he still disapproves of his son's sexuality, pays for Marcus's college tuition so that he and Daniel can continue to be together.
  • In Issue 5, Manly Gay leather biker David having a talk with Daniel at the New Years orgy. David had previously tried to 'bag' Daniel for his own deviant purposes twice, and failed on both counts, but even so, he admires Daniel for his integrity and courage, even outright saying "You got stones, kid." It's this heartfelt speech that serves the turning point in Daniel's life; the moment he finally and fully embraces his homosexuality.
    • Also Ricky's speech in the final issue, in spite of what he does at the end of it.
  • On a related note, David's second rebuffing from Daniel, when he goes off with Roy instead, leads the tiger to mope back at his dorm room. Although the scene first comes across as the tiger simply being miffed that he didn't get to "bag" Daniel and/or that a big "slab of beef" like Roy got him instead (though we have no proof Daniel and Roy actually did anything, that may all be in David's head), keeping the orgy revelation in mind changes this: David is upset because he cares for Daniel, and thus feels bad when rejected by him. So seeing Vince come home and comfort David, reminding him that he is a good catch and that eventually Daniel will see it, is surprisingly rather heartwarming.