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Heartwarming: Ask That Guy with the Glasses
  • At the end of the That Guy With The Glasses Anniversary Brawl, after experiencing enough Crowning Moments Of Awesome and Funny to go around, the scene where Ask That Guy With the Glasses, who has been established as a sadistic, perverse and overall unlikeable person, manages to quell the fighting simply through spoken words, brought a good "awww..." from this troper.
    • That's right: the sadist that is Ask That Guy, convincing the others to stop fighting in the brawl with just words.
      • No, he doesn't threaten to rape them or maul them if they don't stop fighting. He makes a kindhearted, logical point. Your mind, it has been blown.
      You shouldn't hate each other, you should team up to hate other things!
  • A small one, but actually pleasantly thanking someone after they clap his talent at tongue twisters in episode 42.
  • Ask That Guy apologizing to the narrator after their argument in episode 50, and the two going off to have sex at the end.
  • While the line might have been crossed later, Ask That Guy hugging everyone at Ani Nite 2010 and generally being happy for a change was seriously nice to see.
  • He looks genuinely overjoyed when Yardoz gives him a new pipe.
  • Of course he makes it a Twisted Christmas, but it's a cute surprise to find out that he actually loves the holiday. And that Santa hat is just precious.
  • Any time Doug comes out of character to apologize for whatever awful thing Ask That Guy said, most recently wanting forgiveness for the "walking is sexier than wheelchairs" insult.
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