Heartwarming / Ask Princess Molestia

  • Upon learning that Derpy has been homeless since December 2012, Princess Luna immediately declares that Derpy could live in Canterlot Castle.
  • Molestia is appalled at the notion of calling Scootaloo a 'chicken'. Also, when she discovers that Scootaloo can't fly, she gives her a ride on her back without any ulterior motive.
  • Derpy giving Luna a comforting hug after the latter finished playing The Last of Us.
  • A meta-example: in 2012, there was a shitstorm going on in the Tumblr-verse where dozens of Pony Ask blogs were being shut down due to trolls falsely reporting said blogs for containing illegal content such as child pornography, and Ask Molestia was eventually shut down because of such claims. This would have been the end, but hundreds of fans of Molestia rallied and appealed to Tumblr to bring it back. In only two days, Ask Molestia was back up again, and J.J. gave his thanks by drawing a picture of Molly tearfully thanking her 'subjects', genuinely touched by their devotion.
    • Sadly this would not be the case when the blog was taken down for good in 2014. But JJ did issue his own thanks, as well as announced a new project coming in spring 2014 featuring MEMJ and Calpain.
    • Later he would give Gamer Luna her own tumblr.