Heartwarming / Ascension

Chapter 1
  • Aida comforting Sky after the news of Sky's father's death.
  • Aida letting Sky know she is stronger than she thinks she is when Sky laments having to wait while Aida risks her life being the Action Girl of the duo.
    • Later on in the chapter, Aida's stealing of documents just for Sky, resulting in her own imprisonment, shows how much Sky means to Aida.
  • Zander's confession that he lost control of himself since he couldn't deal with losing Aida when she was captured by the Eagles and that regardless of whether Aida cares or not, he will always care about her. This is the first time in the story where he actually proves that he is Not So Stoic. He also threatens to torture Jace if he gets Aida into trouble again.
Chapter 2
  • Each of Aida's friends meeting with Aida one by one. Only Jace takes it in stride.
    • Zander and Aida's reunion in Taran after Aida's supposed death, and Zander crying out of happiness.
    • Tillie smushing Aida when she first sees her when they reunite in Taran. She follows up by letting Aida know that she has people who love her, despite what she thinks.
    • Tillie's speech about The Power of Love to Aida, encouraging Aida, who sees life as a relentless battle, to look up at the sky once and appreciate the beauty of life.
    • Sky breaking down in Aida's arms after she reunites with her, thinking Aida was dead. Of course, this is after Sky beats Aida senseless.
Chapter 3
  • Tillie's wedding at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Before heading off to Valond, if you click on Aida's diary while Aida is in her room, it reveals her frustration at how she can't express how much she cares for her friends, and all she's able to do is hide behind snarky quips.
  • Aida's True Companions travelling all the way to Aelvale to see how Aida is doing. Sky and Tillie even burst into tears upon seeing Aida bloodied and battered.
  • Kael's regret over what he'd done moments before his death at Aida's hands.
  • Queen Kathleen's funeral after the event above, and Aida's uncle's ascension to kinghood.
  • Aida's Refusal of the Call, declaring she'd rather keep her humanity so she'd be able to love her friends.
  • At the very end, Sky's letter to Aida reveals that Tillie is a new mother.