Heartwarming / Arrietty

  • The note left with the sugar cube. "You forgot something."
  • Shawn and Arrietty exchanging farewell gifts, showing exactly how much the two have grown closer in the short time they've known each other.
  • The concept of Sho's great-grandfather constructing a house for the Borrowers to live in. Unlike other humans who wanted to drive away the Borrowers or display them, Sho's great-grandfather wanted to coexist with them.
  • Although he gives Homily quite a fright, Sho placing the dollhouse kitchen in the Borrowers' house was a kind gesture. He even places a couch behind her when she collapses. What makes this better is that Homily, after the initial shock, is happy to have a new kitchen.
  • After the above, when Arrietty is shown being sad on the teapot, Spiller shows a surprisingly large (and adorable) amount of emotion as he excitedly hands her a berry that he kept stored in his cloak to cheer her up. It works and his expression of pure glee makes it all the more precious.
  • Aunt Sadako/Jessica indirectly learning about the Borrowers. Unlike Haru, she's perfectly content to just know they're real, and doesn't feel the need to prove it to the world.
  • When Sho is lying down amongst the flowers, the cat pads over to curl up next to his side.

Alternative Title(s): The Borrower Arrietty