Heartwarming / Anya's Ghost

  • Some of the small interactions between Anya and the other characters; such as when Anya trips and falls spectacularly in Gym—Elizabeth, whom we've been lead to believe is going to be the Alpha Bitch, stops and asks her if she's okay. Later, Siobhan defends Anya from being teased about it by another classmate, giving her genuine sympathy that's surprising in a girl so outwardly mean.
    • This also goes for the concern that Anya's mother shows for her from the very start for all Anya's obsessive dieting and self-image issues, insisting she take her breakfast to school so she doesn't starve.
  • Anya and Emily's early interactions after the latter warms up to having a ghost friend, particularly when they visit the field together and Anya tosses Emily's bone in the air so she's practically flying.
  • When Anya finally starts being nice to Dima and opening up about how she was also bullied as a child, telling him not to worry about impressing his schoolmates.
  • Anya comforting Sasha after Emily starts intentionally terrifying him. It's adorable as it's the first positive interaction they have in the story.
  • The ending, where Anya has the well filled in for good; not only is she giving Emily a proper burial, but she's also making sure that well won't hurt anyone ever again the way it did the two of them.
    • She also makes up with Siobhan in a way that is vitriolic, but still sweet.
    Siobhan: Geeze, Anya. You may look normal like everyone else, but you're not. Not on the inside.
    Anya: *Smiles* Thanks.