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Heartwarming: Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society
  • Michael being more than willing to sell his own soul to save Claire's life. That's true dedication to that relationship.
  • One of the biggest Heartwarming Moments has to be Michael proposing to Claire after a catastrophic attack from Alastor.
  • Tash and Adrian getting together - hell, Tash's initial confession.
  • Ben calming down and reassuring Lily.
  • Adrian and Aster exchanging final goodbyes.
  • Cristoph and Rhia's love for each other after Adrian's death.
  • Ossa and Aimee's acknowledging of each other.
  • Chrys greeting Aster from her coma.
  • Pretty much anything postmortem Adrian did for Tash.
  • Anything that vindicates Willowe, especially the hairpin problem with Emily/Palm Tree.
  • Parts of the narrative during Adrian's ressurection spring to mind. Particularly:
    He's been called a god by some and a demon by more, but at the end of the day he was just a person—just a boy, with hopes and fears like anyone else, who happened to have existed for a hundred lifetimes but had only begun to actually live.

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